DevEx with groups?

sry for bad english :c

In my group we have 2 Developers :

me (itz_rennox) (i created the group)
and the Co-Owner (theprofficer)

Lets say one of our games makes a total revenue of 600,000 R$.

Question :
If i pay 300,000 R$ to theprofficer via group funds, can he then cash out and use DevEx with this 300,000 R$ i give to him?

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That should be fine, I think. I don’t know how else anyone who doesn’t own a game directly or does commissions could DevEx.

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Yes, that counts. He can devex that robux.

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First: This is the wrong category to post this question. it should be posted in Development discussion.
Second: Yes your friend can devex the 300K RS as long he meets the requirements for devex noted here:

  • Member of the Outrageous Builders Club;
  • Minimum of 100,000 earned Robux in your account;
  • Have a verified email address;
  • Valid DevEx portal account;
  • 13 years of age or older; and
  • Community member in good standing, having complied with Roblox’s Terms of Use.

Member of Premium as well, any tier, as OBC is being phased out with the global rollout of Premium.