Devex without paypal?

I am unable to use paypal as they do not support Libya, I simply cannot verify my account. So I will have huge limitations if I do use it.

Does roblox plan to use any other service?

Also if you know a service that does support Libya then please let me know!

Edit: I don’t wanna make another thread for the same purpose so:


  • Yes
  • No

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You can only use PayPal for DevEx as far as I know, so no in that case it won’t be possible to cash-out.

Well I know that, my question was,

will roblox support other ways to cash out in the future?

I would hope so. I really think PayPal sucks. The fees they take are really high, and the currency exchange rates are really bad. I’d love to see a more direct approach to DevEx in the future.

Edit: Also to add to this, there is also this thread:

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Oh man that was almost a year ago now

Yeah but the case is mostly the same. I don’t believe that anything has really changed since then, and people still want to have bank transfers I assume. I linked the thread to show that we are not the only ones to have requested alternatives to PayPal.

@omaraa maybe repurpose the original post and move it to Web Feature Requests?

I’d love to get a check straight from ROBLOX in the mail.


PayPal is notorious for random indefinite freezes on accounts, essentially taking your money. As @Frederikam mentioned, their fees are ridiculous as well. I’d love a direct deposit sort of thing, kind of like how I got paid when I was a cashier over the summer. I assume it’d only be feasible for the US at first, but maybe later it could expand to other currencies/countries.

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Other payment options would be fantastic, mainly due to PayPal’s fees from my experience.

On a side note @omaraa , that poll is really useless. It’s like asking “do you want ROBLOX to get better”. You’re not learning anything from it :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve never experienced account freezing, lost money, or anything like that. I’d prefer a check in the mail just to get around paypal’s fee.

I don’t think you’ve ever DevEx’d 20k or 50k.

Sometimes Paypal locks it because of ‘suspicious’ large amounts of money being moved. eBay was smart enough to separate from the shit that is Paypal and I think that says a lot about it.


PayPal actually locked me out of my account once because somebody with a Chinese IP address tried to buy some prepaid credit cards using my funds. Thankfully PayPal locked this (I don’t know why they’d even allow a login from China in the first place) and I had to reset my account over the phone.

So the one time I got locked out it was a good thing.

I believe it was @taymaster that was locked out of his $20k DevEx for a month thanks to Paypal.


@ScriptOn This makes me nervous now…

Paypal will freeze your account if you have constant 20k+ a month coming in for “fraud”, you will then have to upload supporting legal documents proving your identity and your legitimate business.

I can confirm they are planning payment alternatives already.


I’ve been begging for direct deposit for years. Last I heard, they were looking into adding direct deposit, but I haven’t seen anything about it in months. Nothing would make me happier than to not have to deal with PayPal.

Assuming Direct deposit meaning a check in the mail. That’d be neat it’d be supported here, though I seriously don’t think roblox will send a check to Libya XD. either way it’ll be better I can work around the idea.

Paypal simply is impossible for me to work with by a check is easier.

Direct deposit means its deposited into your checking/savings bank account automatically and directly, it normally takes 2-3 days depending. A pay stub might be sent in the mail to let you know but there wouldn’t be a written “check” for a direct deposit.


I would love this like nothing else.

Im fine with paypal, Gets messy with bank details and stuff…

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