DevForum app Request

How would this help me as a developer?

If I made a post and someone replied. I would have to check the DevForum on the internet. If we got an app notification when we get a reply, get a like, etc…


An application already exists, it is called Discourse Hub, when you download the application you will just have to press the add site button and enter

This is available on mobile devices but I am not sure about PCs.

IOS: Discourse Hub
Android: Discourse


Wow, I did not know this at all… I was really looking for a app for dev forums… You can’t believe how many time I looked up dev forums in the app store… :joy:

I would still like to see an app made specifically for the devforums though to be honest, the discourse app is super glitchy and crashes ALL the time in its current state.


The discourse app doesn’t give push notifications does it?

I made a post about this a while ago, Discourse is already a thing, they said. So, there won’t be an app. I asked already. :sad: :man_shrugging:

That would just be very extra considering the developer forums were made using discourse/are discourse.

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Alternatively, if you use Chrome, you can add a new icon to the home screen which redirects you to the forums. One advantage with this is that it gets rid of the chrome overlay used for searching, giving it a more “app like” feel. The downside to this approach is that you’ll miss out on push-notifications, that’s why some people prefer using the Discourse Hub.

Here’s a post with visuals from another topic on this subject:

Personally, I use this approach. I think it really makes accessing the forums extremely easy.

The most productive solution here is probably to ask the Discourse folks to add push notifications to the existing app, if it doesn’t already have them. You can do that on:

Roblox could technically create their own app but it doesn’t seem very efficient considering Discourse already has all of this worked out and published, it just seems to have a few bugs and missing features.