DevForum Feedback messages incorrectly inform you to contact Roblox Support

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to correctly appeal my DevForum feedback messages, such messages state the following:

However this is incorrect! Contacting Roblox support results in the following response:

To add insult to injury, when I did send the appeal to I recieved no response, this email no longer appears to be actively used.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my experience using the forum because I would be able to appeal my feedback messages without long email redirection chains.


As someone that had multiple private messages with the following statement, I must agree. I remember one former staff called EnchantressWillow saying that I should contact the Roblox Customer Support team, yet it wouldn’t help me anywhere.

The email should be more active as it contains Developer Relations’ employees that are specialised upon the area and can discuss proper about the appeal case.


To make it very clear, this thread is not about Roblox giving ‘automated responses’ nor is it about certain forum moderators doing a worse job than others, this is simply about the Feedback messages directing you to Roblox support who literally cannot deal with your request.


Just to be clear, this likely generally isn’t an issue on individual staff members, they’re just given a template and they have to follow it.

DevForum moderation is NOT automatic at all.

And to be clear, DevForum moderation is completely separate from moderation for the rest of the site.

I feel like that comes off as very rude. People try their best, but nobody can be perfect.

I doubt it. These people wouldn’t be in their jobs if they weren’t passionate, sure it’s a different story for general Roblox support but not DevForum support.

And anyways, almost everyone works for money.

Hey @Abcreator it is correct to file a support ticket for this. We recently switched this over from the old process, unfortunately looks like you received an outdated message about this in error. Sorry for the inconvenience! We’re making sure this won’t happen again going forward.


I recently appealed this action again and received the exact same response from Roblox Support.

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Going to reach out to you directly.

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