DevForum has the tendency to "scrap" videos

If you will check the topic, most of the video were scrapped in two weeks, and they will be scrapped, then it is global bug. But if it isn’t, then it is only my browser problem (for instance, when using Mi Browser, it didn’t happen).
And by the way the browser I use is Google Chrome.

I don’t see any proof of a scrapped video that was directly uploaded to the DevForum. As such, I can’t conclude that this is a forum bug, but rather a bug on your side or an issue on the service you’re using to embed the video (i.e. imgur or streamable).

It isn’t scrapped. Meaning this is not a forum bug…

You probably cha cha slided into the topic recently, so it might not work for you.

Yeah I sometimes have this happening as well.
Typically if the video is older than a week or two.

I keep getting hit with the

Video failed to load due to an network error

often. My internet is fine and less older videos also load just fine. :confused:


OP is not providing a good example.

However, I’ve found one:

Videos do not load on this page.

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It is fixed.

Edit: It’s not.

Strangely, I know I’ve seen one of my older videos stop working when I looked back through the WAYWOC 2022 topic, but I just tried playing all of my videos there, including the first video that I posted here back in mid-2022, and every one of them is still working. I’m not sure if this bug is actually real or not; It’s so strange and inconsistent, if anything.


See this happen a few times. Apparently, if you scroll up to the original post and scroll back down, it works.

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