DevForum has the tendency to "scrap" videos

Sometimes, if I am too long on the page, or just go there after few days, I am greeted by video being “scrapped”, or properly said, corrupted.

Date First expierienced: Somewhere in this May.
Impact: Moderate


I’ve also seen this. I think the DevForum scraps older videos to save server space, or something like that. It would be nice to be able to at least download the video if the DevForum can’t load it.

Or you could just upload the video to YouTube.


This doesn’t happen. Media is not automatically deleted.


It really does seem like it is being deleted. But only videos that are embedded.

Ancient files (and I mean from '14) can be downloaded just fine. [quote]Single-line quote compatibility[/quote] no longer being a thing, yet all of the files are saved.

I also recall that some embedded images were also scrapped, though that was a while ago, and I can’t seem to find very many anymore. I have found images that can no longer be loaded, but they load when you click on them, and their background is the accent of the image.


Either they really are scrapped, or it’s something dumb like missing codecs. It’s really annoying though.

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It looks like it’s scrapped but it isn’t, odd

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You’re likely seeing an embedded video from a site which does “scrap” videos, like streamable.

It’s an uploaded video to DevForum.

How do you know? Simply out of curiosity. I can’t tell, and am curious on how I can tell the difference.

This is video uploaded directly from computer to Discourse.

I’m referring to the displayed in your screenshot:

No, that one is new. Very new.

Can you link a post that contains a video that was directly uploaded to the forum but was scrapped?

Yeah, here you go!

This is not a scrapped video. I can view it without issue.

Like I said, come check the topic in few weeks, or it can me only my browser problem.

Like I said, can you please link a post that contains a video directly uploaded to the forum that is already scrapped. Not an example of one that will be scrapped, but one that is already scrapped.

You can never be sure, if it is for anyone else… For instance, every video in the topic is normal, except one…

The videos:
Which I find out they work.

They work fine. I don’t see any proof of a scrapped video that was directly uploaded to the DevForum. As such, I can’t conclude that this is a forum bug, but rather a bug on your side.