Devforum Is No Longer Helpful

I looked and could not find a post about this that hasn’t been closed.

I got accepted into Devforum when it was closed application only.

Ever since Devforum was released to the public, the quality of posts has gone down. Now, I understand developers want a place to ask for help. Everyone needs help sometimes. But people reply to “help” people with problems, when they don’t even know what they’re talking about.

And just a personal preference, I’d like to see more professionalism on here. I get that English isn’t people’s first language. But there’s people who are like “how r u doing i good thanks” These types of people sometimes make it hard to understand what they’re saying.

I’d like the entry process to be updated to at least have some sort of requirements that are development related.


Asking for it to be fixed while not providing any possible solutions won’t help.

Improper grammar and spelling don’t matter. Not everyone knows English. Also, don’t forget that some people may make typos.

Unfortunately, the only solution is to mute the category, until you’re interested in finding a job. You’ll still be able to create topics there. The same applies to #discussion and #resources, ever since PA was removed from those categories and they were made public, the topics there are low-quality.


Sorry not everyone’s first language is English :confused:

I am sorry your taste of “quality” is different from others taste.

And the developer forum shouldn’t focus on collaboration. I heard Roblox is working on a replacement/alternative to #collaboration so if you are complaining just over that then use #collaboration:private-recruitment if you are under the mindset that “regulars are better devs than members”

Instead of ranting that the forum quality sucks why not provide some suggestions. Otherwise this isn’t very constructive


I hear that Roblox is actually going to create an entire website for jobs and commissions (RDC 2020). So, that might become a replacement.


I don’t really agree on this since my post that I’ve posted recently got some feedback and has actually helped me. And also, not everyone’s first language that they speak is English for example my main language is Russian and I still make mistakes on English till this day. :neutral_face:
And as @sjr04 said why not provide some suggestions that can make dev forum good again?


I understand that not everyone knows English, but when people say “u” or “r”, I mean come on.

Then if you look in the support channels (like art-support), you’ll understand what I mean by “no idea what they’re doing.”

They can go back to the application process. Just not be as strict with acceptance as it was.


Yeah because Roblox basically allowed everyone to join so all the noobs and inexperienced developers spam the forums. It’s quite sad. I miss the old days when you actually had to do an application


Exactly. It’s just… terrible.


Oh yeah, especially when they say lol/xd every 2 seconds.


Does it really matter. Most of the time users who like making “shortcuts” are intelligible.

like bruh u can understand me. hi how r u

When I look in support categories I see developers requesting assistance with a problem they aren’t quite able to fix on their own. Which is what it is for.

They can’t, there was too much backlog and not everyone wants the forum to be very elitist again because it left developers whose applications never got reviewed (like me) without a home when the old Roblox forum was removed.

lol xD


Last night I asked for suggestions of what to add. The first reply I got, was a dude asking for the tutorial and loading screen. Which was completely irrelevant.


Right now, you’re complaining because of spam replies while your replies are spam. As @sjr04 mentioned above, there was a lot of backlog, so they opened up the forum for everyone. Just stop complaining and provide any possible solutions to solve the problem.


Then flag it, completely off-topic replies are actually pretty rare, I don’t encounter them too often.

Sometimes people accidentally reply to the wrong topic, it happened to me one time when i was editing another post of mine.


don’t bother, there have been countless posts asking the discussions category to go back to the way it was, now it’s spammed with completely unrelated topics like this one


I don’t find the Developer Forum useful but in a vastly different vein. It’s more that I don’t see power users discussing much on the forum anymore due to thread noise by low quality posts.

This… this, on the other hand, is a petty complaint. I got accepted to Regular (Member before) through applications before and the forum was equally unhelpful then. If you were a novice developer, you felt like an outcast and it felt difficult to post. It wasn’t active and hasn’t invited as much discussion as there is now, though with that does come the baggage of low quality content as well.

Right now, I have mostly every high-noise category muted and I encourage you to do the same if you are bothered that much by it. I only open these categories every now and again for editing or responding to a few threads here and there. Yes, I even have Forum Feedback muted.

To say “developers were helpful back then” seems like a major discrediting to current members. I have been helped, as have others, a good number of times so far. Clearly people find use in the forum. I don’t think it’s accurate or appropriate to be saying something like that.


So have I. I help with music related posts as often as I can. It’s not about if I’m bothered enough to mute the categories, it’s about the low quality advice.

You can ignore it or, where appropriate, flag it. It’s expected to happen with a forum this large. :slight_smile:


I’d like at least some standards made to the entry process.

I am pretty sure that, if you have read sufficient amount of time, you’ve shown some interest in development.

Should the requirements not be a fixed amount of posts as it is said to be? Yes. Should you have to make an entire game just to show yourself worthy of being in the forum? No.


And I think that is heavily counterproductive. Entry standards make this forum crappier. The developer community deserves to remain open as a resource to all developers. We don’t need the elite forum meta kicking back up or for Developer Relations to be overencumbered by a system that scales poorly.

Report problem users and posts.