Devforum mobile app bug found


I just found a bug for devforum app for mobile platform

That picture show a blank background that happens when you open reply chat and close it. But u still can scroll even on blank but u cant see or click any on back blank background, to remove it u have to reopen the app.

Are you using a web app (e.g. using safari/chrome and making the web page an app) or using the discourse app? Because there is no “DevForum app”

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I think they’re using the Discourse app. Not 100% sure.


No, this is the official DevForum web app. You can get this from going to DevForum on safari and clicking Share and clicking Add To Homescreen

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Well the app isn’t very optimized for an app: it’s basically the website itself, instead made to be compatible with mobile. You should expect bugs

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It isn’t Technically an App. it’s a Shortcut to a Website, that’s being used.

It’s not a shortcut that brings you to the website. The website itself is embedded inside the app. except it isn’t exactly an app

But it is optimized because it’s different to the web version (aka accessed thru safari etc)

2 Major Differences an app is Where Code is Actually being used to Launch an Application via an API, and or an Endpoint. In This Case, Roblox has not Launched an Official, Developer Forum Application, Under a Registered Company. Yet.

Shortcut: a Short Route, to a Website via an Application by clicking on a Area on your Mobile Device, which tells the Web Browser, of user Preference to launch. as THAT SAME BROWSER, There’s Major Differences.

I’ve been a Software Engineer for 6 Years, there’s 2 major differences.

The app itself is different to the website. The differences aren’t major, but they aren’t minor as well

Once again, don’t call it an App. It’s a Short-Cut, not an Application. it doesn’t have Background processes. Code via a Clickable Button on your Home-Page that opens a UI ( Well it does it uses Safari or Chrome ) , or Has any type of Coordination with Roblox.

Shortcuts lead to one specific file or item such as one browser bookmark, one navigation destination, one music playlist, one person/contact… etc.

The Apps option lets you put the icon to open any of your apps on the screen.

Chrome themselves call it a PWA (progressive web app), so ‘app’ is the right term (or at least a bit more correct than ‘shortcut’). It is also worth noting that there are some differences between the site and the PWA so issues like this can occur specifically one of them.


This is an issue with the footer I believe, on DiscourseHub l, iOS 16.1 Publix beta, iPhone 12 Pro Max.

I can’t upload it due to file size limits.

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Thanks for your bug report with our PWA (functionality of Discourse).

We will take a look!