Devforum Mobile App

I know lots of developers want this feature but a mobile app would be super helpful. You can send push notifications and it will just be easier to find. Please like this to get the attention of mods!


Heya @Hyper_Studiosss! How are you doing?

Although your idea may be similar to those that suggested this feature in the past, you can always use the Discourse Meta Hub application and/or a shortcut that will directly send you to the website of the Developer Forum.


Just make a PWA Application or use the Discourse app like what @JuanGamerPlayz_RBLX said


Would making a PWA enable push notifications, because that is mainly what I need


It’s already pretty simple to create a shortcut to the devforum on a mobile device. Here’s the basic steps for anyone interested:

– iOS –

  1. Open Safari and go to the devforum as normal. I suggest the devforum home page.
  2. Tap the Share icon.
  3. Swipe up, then look for an option that says Add to Home Screen. It should have an icon that looks like an app, with a plus on it. (On my iPhone 12 mini running iOS 17, this option is right at the bottom of the screen when I swipe up to have the share dialog fullscreen.
  4. Name the shortcut whatever you want, then tap add. There should now be a shortcut with the devforum favicon on your home screen.

– Android (using Google Chrome) –

  1. Open Chrome and go to the devforum as normal.
  2. Tap the Menu button. There should just be an option that says “Add to Home Screen”. Tap it, then tap add.
  3. Profit.

I am indeed aware that this may not be what you’re looking for, but it is a good option if there’s no official app being made any time in the near future.

You probably can’t do that with iOS, but you can with Chrome on Android. I don’t know if the iOS version of Chrome supports notifications.


That’s legit what I’m doing right now lol. Yeah it’s basically like an app. It has arrows so I can go back and forth.

Pretty sick ngl


You can also install DiscourseHub, an official app to open forums like DevForum:

It functions as a browser though, so it’s quite the same as the “add to homescreen” mentioned earlier.


I don’t think so, but I made a pretty controversial decision to use a web viewer inside of the roblox player

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You can get push notifications without a PWA as it is anyways, but getting notifications to work here is unreliable anyways.

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Im using this method currently, although an OFFICIAL app w/ push notification would be nice.

I am doing this now for my iPhone. And it’s letting me Push Notifications.

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how do you do it i have a shortcut on my iphone and it doesn’t push notifications

A thing just popped up on my screen asking if I wanted to push notifications.

Maybe look up, “How To Push Notifications For Website Shortcuts IOS”.

There is a PWA for Windows and Android already?

I assume if Android has it iOS should


I am aware about Windows DevForum PWA

I am unsure if android does but iOS does last I checked but it doesn’t give push notifications

Android does as I have it installed

I don’t trust android thanks to their trash security in apps, I’d use apple as they have better security in apps

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ah yes, apple the $99 a year to upload on the app store


1: We aren’t discussing the security of apps and infact it was never mentioned in this thread until now
2: Neither OSes are the “superior OS!!11!!1”, they both have their ups and downs. IOS is simple and streamlined, but its more locked down. It’s for the consumer that just wants a device that’ll work and be powerful. Android is more open, easier to customize, and security isn’t an issue as long as you remain on the latest update. I personally prefer Android because I like a device I have full control over as I am a poweruser. It’s the same reason I use Linux.
3: If Roblox were to make a Devforum app, they wouldn’t exclude Android because they’d be cutting off a huge portion of their community.

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Yes I know but I mentioned it to show that I don’t trust android

Roblox isn’t supported in Linux, and you would need to install Wine to do so , and I agree that no OSes are the “superior OS!11!!!11” and they both have pros and cons, also I don’t need “full control”

I use the Roblox Player to use the devforums in mobile