DevForum reactions?

I saw this post,

And I thought it was funny.
But right now, you can only heart it without having to reply saying “Lol true XD” which would get your post deleted since it’s off-topic.

Reactions like on Facebook (and Microsoft News/MSN for those old people out there) would be great. This way, I can react with “:rofl:” instead of just hearting the post, because then they might think I just agree in a serious way although I actually think it is funny.
SO add this maybe?


That’s the good thing about likes – they can express multiple things.

Reactions have been suggested before, and the response remains the same – devforum is not social media, but rather a professional knowledge base for Roblox developers. Any extra reactions are simply redundant, and in fact that post should probably be flagged since it’s calling out a game [community] and, without much context, off-topic anyway.

Such reactions would only incentivize more of these posts, further degrading any sense of professionalism on the forum


Do you mean off-category by that?