DevForum should have a follow/bookmark a user's profile

Hi there, I think that the DevForums should add a sort of follow/bookmark a specific user you are inspired by or want to get live feeds from. I think with this feature user’s may get active if they are bookmarked/followed as there are people continually reading them. This is just a suggestion. Thank you for reading please reply with your opinion!


I don’t think this is how the dev forum should work. Developers should be interested in topics, not the people talking in those topics.


Yes but some users post frequent solutions/tutorials which helps a lot.

Well, I suggest bookmarking a setion, like building section so they can be interested in topics, like @Extuls has said before.

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If you’re looking for a solution to a problem you’ll find a thread someone asked about it in, or create your own.

You can watch the #learning-resources:tutorials section to keep up with new tutorials.

True. It was a idea i didn’t think through. Thank you for replying

A plugin to follow users is already being worked on by known Discourse plugin authors.

At the point that is finished, you could ask Dev Rel to install it (I was already planning on making it, so there’s an interest for it).


Wow Awesome! But couldn’t a data breach be possible and cause problems.

What do you mean by that?

I dunno if you remember the RoVerify incident where user’s information was leaked. Would this be an issue?

In what way…? It’s a Discourse plugin, that means it’s installed directly onto the forums. It’s not an external service.

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Oh, I’m a bit confused.

Discourse provides a base service that can be hosted by the client it is providing it to. Roblox hosts the Discourse software on it’s own. Any new features in the form of plugins have to be manually installed as they are optional and not included in the main “package” of software so to speak. These plugins are usually created by individual authors and are published for everyone to install for their own use if they wish.