DevForum Talent Hub notifications

Currently the Talent Hub is pretty dead because nobody ever checks it, because really why would you

My idea is to make it so you get a notification on here (which devs are more likely to check) for talent hub actions

Something like this

would be extremely nice and helpful.


Yeah, that could be a good idea

But what if TalentHub never existed? If nobody uses it, and it isnt 13+ just use the devforum #collaboration category, if we could.

Back to your idea, that would be a great way so developers can get work and they do not have to go on talenthub every single day
Smart ideas :brain:


As much as we beg for it to come back Roblox wont ever add it back, although nobody ever uses it, and it’s pretty noticeable bc i cant find a job

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Dev forum notifications are meant for dev forum notifications and dev forum notifications only. Just check the talent hub if you’re so concerned about missing notifications?


My concern is nobody ever checks it, because why would you? Not a ton of people check it which is why it’s so dead, and most of the time your applications are unread or left on read

This would fix the problem because people actually check here unlike the talent hub

> nobody checks talent hub
> wants talent hub notifications

If you are so concerned, just check the talent hub yourself. I would also ask if you can source these

If nobody uses the talent hub, then they won’t get notifications because they don’t interact with it, making this redundant imo. Just check it yourself every now and then.

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Only 90 jobs is pretty bad, considering most of them aren’t very recent

I also cant see them right now because it’s actually broken

but I applied for a handful of jobs a few months ago, all of them left unread and expired


Thanks for the request. We’re already looking into how we can pull all creator-related notifications (forum, talent hub, any future creator-related notifications from the creator dashboard) together into a single source.

That source won’t necessary live just on devforum, it would be reachable from all the sites.

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Not really a great solution, but maybe another tab in the notifications menu? Then there could be a count in the top middle of your pfp.

I just tried making a mockup but the notifications tab closed

I check the DevForum the most, not really sure where else it could go because I mostly ignore my Roblox PMs bc it’s just spam from the ROBLXO account.

My Roblox notifications are also not a great place because I normally just click them to get rid of the count

I’m also never really on any other sites besides normal Roblox and here, but it would be great if we were able to see this on the DevForum.

Should I mark that as a solution for now?

I have the exact same issue, quite inconvenient as Talent hub is the only place now to find jobs and this just renders it useless. This needs to get Fixed ASAP.

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