DevForum UI Bug

I don’t know if this bug is only having to me, but the DevForum UI is broken. I mean I can’t see it.

There are no icons where I can customize text, make polls, or make text blurred.

The only icon at the top is the DevForum logo and my profile.

There is no UI at the top where I can go to settings.

Is this happening to you or is it just my computer?

Likely you internet just having a small hiccup, can’t repro.

Do you have bad internet? That might be the cause of the UI not loading

No, my internet is fine. My connection on my laptop is 100%.

What browser are you currently using?

Do you have an adblocker? Try disabling it, might be the issue. Also, check the JS console (f12)

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Hmmm all I can think of is you might of disabled media elements or something in uBlock Origin.

This bug is not appearing for me anymore. Thank you!