Devforum web API

yesterday, my friend made a roblox group auto ranker made of some web api stuff [application programming interface]. i searched “roblox api” on github and found noblox.js, i didn’t found any devforum api wrappers. so i think it will be cool if devforum had account API, making topics, direct message people, editing topics, etc…


Discourse has a documented web API: Discourse REST API Documentation - developers - Discourse Meta

(though it appears as if the documentation site is down at the moment)

Everything you can do on the devforum is backed by a REST API endpoint and it’s all JSON format. It should cover anything you need. Ref the documentation above and replace the base url with “”.


is it only for the Ruby programming language? i was going to use it with javascript

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Ruby would make sense (for the docs) as Discourse is built off Ruby on Rails.

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How can an API be for only one language? :sweat_smile: obviously it can be used in JS too

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It’s a http api. It makes no sense here to ask if it “works” for a specific language you want to use. If you can construct and consume JSON and send HTTP requests, you are fine.

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