DevForums Keeps Logging Me Out

Happened a few times to me over the last couple of days. At least it doesn’t take too long to log back in, unless your on mobile, logged out of Roblox with 2FA.

Yup, I don’t log that often, but I had to log in a lot lately.

Not that I’m too late to the party, but it seems like the log-out issue is still possibly happening. There are some posts I can’t view, just boots me back to the devforum home after saying I’ve been logged out and should refresh. :thinking:

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I’m not getting logged out, but the site seems to be going into read-only mode at random for a minute or two here and there. Did I miss an announcement?


None of the site and dns data clearing methods I’m trying are working.

Can I get a fix yet, please? Is this only happening to me? It seems like specific posts I can’t access, even when I had just made it.

Clearing your cache should fix the issue.

Thank you, that seems to have done it.

Stopped happening on the DevForum PWA. Still happening on PC. Yes. I cleared cache and temp files and cookies etc etc.

Hey, this has been happening to me in the past week now.

I have cleared my caches, history, temp files, cookies, other browsers besides Chrome, tried on my desktop, my laptop, my phone, and my tablet, but the problem still persist.

It logs me out everytime I close all the browsers related to the Dev Forums. I have to log back in again everytime I open a new tab to check the forums, even in the same browsing session.

Can anyone help me with this?

When you visit the forums does this show up
or does this

I’ve noticed when visiting directly as and not it will log you out.

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Yes it shows that on all my attempts.


Ah, that seemed to be the issue for me until I updated all of my bookmarks and links to https:// and not just, weird how you get it even on the HTTPS Version.

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Why doesn’t it force https :confused:

Oohhh, so after you said about updating the bookmark, I tried checking mine and it didn’t have the “https://” at the front, so I added it and tried again and it finally kept me logged in :D!

Thank you! @NicholasDev

Though my bookmark didn’t have https:// on it initially, it still automatically becomes one for me for some reason @kiansjet

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After you login it redirects to https

Ah I see.

Hey thanks for posting this! This was my problem too.
I need to update my bookmark now to fix this issue.

I hope sometime though they force the “https://” so we no longer have this issue.

Everytime i close tabs on every devforum page, it usually logs me out. Since its automatic and detects what your account is on, i doubt you can do something like Save Password, maybe they should add some kind of button to keep you logged on.

If you add it to your HTTPS Everywhere rules, it should fix the problem.