DevHub vs Engine Bugs

If I’ve found an API behavior that differs from what is described on the DevHub, should I assume that the documentation is incorrect (and post on #platform-feedback:developer-hub), or that the behavior is incorrect (and post on #platform-feedback:engine-bugs & co)?

Case: Clarify nocache parameter of HttpService.GetAsync

This post was written assuming that the documentation is incorrect. However, it could easily have been written as an engine bug indicating a regression with the nocache parameter.

I’m probably going to be making more of these kinds of posts, so it would be good to know which category is more helpful for getting such issues resolved.


I would pick whatever makes the most sense to you at the time of posting, and when you are not sure just pick Engine Bugs as default, since that one is viewed by more staff members than Developer Hub. They can just have it moved to Developer Hub if it turns out it’s the documentation and not the implementation being wrong, no big deal there.