Device Emulator: New Device Frames

Incredible Update! :slight_smile:

I will be able to scale UIs for all devices much more properly.

Can we get iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max? There is no way to test on the latest gen iPhones without buying them.


Roblox is scamming people now? This is NOT an iPhone XR:

This looks like an android phone, and this is not even close to accurate. Where is the notch? The notch is pretty important.
It is the same situation with the iPhone X. It looks like an Android phone.

Can you consider changing this back? It is scamming people into thinking that it is an iPhone and not an Android phone.

This is not an iPad Pro 1st generation. This is a 3rd generation or newer:

Plus, you need a square on the following device’s home buttons:

  • iPad Mini 1st generation
  • iPad 2
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPhone 5

Because those devices didn’t have touch ID yet.

And call the iPad 2 iPad 2nd generation, thank you.

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the point of the device emulator is to emulate the screen sizes and resolutions so you can test guis and other stuff, it doesn’t need to look good

But still, it is way too inaccurate. Plus, the iPad Pro 1st generation looks nothing like the current one, and that being said, the 3rd generation + has more pixels, and the iPhone XR/X has a black bar on top which should be smaller and add a notch to it.

Is this not a notch…?

How is it scamming people? It’s not endorsing Apple’s products in any way?

Honestly, who cares? As long as the actual device’s proportions are accurate, then I see no problem? This is an emulation tool, not a photo-realistic depiction.

iPad 2 is its official name. No issue there.


The notch is literally right there? Can you not see? And for a home button, it doesn’t need a square. . . That literally does not effect anything? The whole point is to check how it runs on hardware specs and resolution. Who the hell cares if the home button doesn’t have a square, it doesn’t effect anything.

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I like the new Device Emulator better than the old because, the old one looks like a modified JPEG image but the new one looks like a modified High Quality PNG image.

I remember that, that’s the Original Device Emulator.

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Yup! It was great!, I loved using it. Sadly it got removed before I found any solid use for it.

  1. There is a notch on the XR.

  2. The iPad Pro 1st generation emulator does indeed look like a iPad Pro 1st gen.

    (image of iPad pro 1st gen from Apple official website)

And finally…
3. You don’t need to consider every intricate detail about the emulator. As long as the emulator serves its function to emulate the screen (not emulate the physical shape and look of everywhere else besides the screen.), it works and there’s nothing wrong with it.


That one is the 11 inch 1st generation. The real first gen is an old iPad Air with a A9X chip and 120hz refresh rate.

The emulator is clearly using the iPad Pro 11 inch formfactor for the iPad 1st gen, not the iPad air version.
edit: punctuation corrections.