Device Emulator: New Device Frames

Hey developers,

We know developing for multiple devices can be difficult. Most of you probably don’t have every single Roblox-capable device just lying around to test with. Even if you did, you shouldn’t have to deploy and switch devices every time you want to preview a change. Testing is a core part of the development cycle, and it should be both accessible and fast. To accomplish this, we are investing heavily into our emulation capabilities. Our vision is to move towards accurate platform emulation–you should be able to preview your experience across devices with varying capabilities and “see what your users see” to ensure everything works as expected.

With improvements to our emulation capabilities on the horizon, we wanted to first ensure that the devices in Studio are consistent, high quality, and accurate. Today, we are releasing two things:

  • An update to the device list to reflect the most used mobile devices on the platform, adding:

    1. Apple iPad 7th Generation
    2. Apple iPad 6th Generation
    3. Apple iPhone XR
    4. Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2019, 10.1)
    5. Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2019, 8.0)
    6. Amazon Fire HD 10 (2019)
  • A visual refresh of all the devices in the emulator! With these higher quality device frames, no longer will you have to see super pixelated edges or burn your eyes in dark mode.

Look out for new emulation features and capabilities coming soon! Please let us know if you have any emulation requests.

Many thanks to @swish741, @generalrelish, @iriszh, and @windy0724!


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A few years ago there was an app that would let you use Roblox Studio’s emulator on an actual device (iPhone etc.), I still have it installed on an old device of mine.

Could we ever get a modern implemetation of this, since a hands-on testing experience with an actual device would be epic.

also this member used to exist, but doesn’t anymore


Quite a good update! Now I can see exactly what other mobile players see.

We also need it on android as previously it was only on IOS


A Galaxy Z Fold display would also be cool.


I say there should be emulators for the latest devices from at least Samsung and Apple not too long after the devices release

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Awesome feature! Can’t wait to use it in Roblox Studio and mobile game development! Dark theme keeps the eyes from burning heh.


Finally I can actually test mobile support updates without either burning my eyes or publishing to ROBLOX first! This is a tremendously great change, thank you.

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Google pixel 4,5
iPhone 12 & 13
Galaxy Tab S7 and S6


Hey! Thanks for this cool update.

Maybe custom resolution can be added.
Like if I want to test my game in a 200x500 then we can use this feature.

lmk if this already exists

custom resolution does exist


Okay! Thanks for the information

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If I’d knew that…

Thanks for the new default device frames! I don’t think it’s hard to implement, so more can be added…?

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Ah yes, it was called Developer:IMG_0688
Allowed you to connect to Roblox Studio:

from a code:


I appreciate this update! However, I hope studio could emulate multi-point touches. This would greatly benefit developers with touchscreen laptops/monitors as it would be so much more convenient than publishing, switching to a mobile device, then reading the console output from there.

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Suggestions: S10, S20, S21. These are all very common devices.

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could you do any of the newer iphones? i am talking about regular iphone 11-13s

the 13 is not released though so the 12 would be good enough

They should add access keys to simulate fingers, since currently only the cursor simulates a finger, for example:
holding down a key and moving the mouse make two fingers move away or something like that

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Add Xiaomi phones, Xiaomi has a bigger market share than Apple atm