Device screen emulator without newest phones?

Hey guys, currently the device emulator in studio goes up to the iPhone XR, which is 4 years old now. In the 4 years, screen sizes have grown exponentially.

The newest iPhone sizes in inchis:

This makes it hard to test as I have only one model of an iPhone 13… and there is 4 models.

This goes for Samsung tablets, amazon fires, and iPads too. It’s not just iPhone that deals with this problem.

Currently Roblox Studio only supports these phone models. Am I missing something or is this just an outdated system?

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You can enter custom resolutions

Yeah I’ve always wondered the same thing.

Probably Roblox is too lazy, lol. Outdated like most of the engine.

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The whole engine isn’t outdated, while it doesn’t really match UE4 (or UE5 haha) it isn’t necessarily bad, and for what it has for free, it’s definitely great! (free servers and easily 3d games)

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We don’t know the resolution rendered on the Iphone 13.