DeviceRotationChanged Parameters on iOS Are Not Corrected when Physically Flipped

So I have been using the DeviceRotationChanged event for steering with my vehicles and I have been getting user reports (specifically iOS users) about their steering feeling inverted at times. I have done some experimenting on an Android device (Galaxy S8) and on an iOS device (iPhone 8) and found that the behavior of DeviceRotationChanged on the iOS device differs from the Android phone.

For example, the following place represents a simple block using the DeviceRotationChanged event. I found that on the Galaxy S8, the parameters from the DeviceRotationChanged event correct themselves once physically flipped but on the iPhone it does not.

On the Galaxy S8:

Left>Right > Flipped > Left>Right

On the iPhone 8:

Left>Right > Flipped > Right>Left

Repo Place: