Devilish Dragon (drawing)

Hello developers! Here I want to share with you, yet again, another drawing I have made. This time it’s a dragon that’s sort of “devilish.”

Devilish Dragon

It is really still very sketchy, though it took me only about twenty-thirty minutes to make. Please tell me what you think!


I know, you put it for safeguarding, but please tone down on the watermark.

The eyes sort of blend in with the fur marks on its skin, and are kind of small.
Otherwise, it’s awesome!


proceeds to re-create in some modelling software

the result would be really good

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dawg no one’s stealing this

it is nice, I can’t see the eyes really, the head has a kind of weird shape, yk that angle is kind of weird, difficult to pul of that 3d look, you need to draw the scales prolly, and the horns look weirdly shaped, like one is crooked or twisted. overall nice, idk how this relates to roblox tho

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Thanks for everyone’s feedback! I’ll take what y’all are saying about the watermark and fix it right away!

@IceTheOneAndOnly, I can also see why it might look like it has nothing to do with Roblox; however, take into consideration games like Creatures of Sonaria, Dragon Adventures, and Farm World, where drawings of animals, dragons, and creatures are found in game descriptions, GUIs, and so much more!

That’s the reason why I consider this drawing and others as involving game development here on Roblox; plus the word “artwork” in About the Creations Feedback category :

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