Devlog #1 | Spellblade

Hello and welcome to Spellblade’s first devlog!


Spellblade is a fighting game that revolves around weapons and magic and is heavily inspired by Deepwoken.

I’ve been developing this game since 1/15/2022, but not full time since I have school and other things to do.

I’m a solo developer and I still have a lot to learn when it comes to scripting, but I can make stuff like these.


Pretty sure I don’t need to mention this but, all basic mechanics like attacking, blocking, parrying and other stuff are done.


  • There is only a sword for weapons as of now.


There are 4 different type of elements. (Thanks to my friend for making the gifs/clips)

  • [Hailcast: Ice Element] Spell being performed here is called Glacial Stab

  • [Windcast: Wind Element] Spell being performed here is called Gale Thrust

  • [Flamecast: Fire Element] Spell being performed here is called Burning Blade

  • [Stormcast: Lightning Element] Spell being performed here is called Jolt


That’s all there is worth talking about. Thanks for checking out my devlog, say your thoughts about the game below and I’ll see you on the next devlog!


Will this be a true 2.5d game? Looks real neat

Sorry but, it’s not gonna be a 2.5d game, the view was just to show the spells properly.

These all look pretty nice in my opinion. Although, the “Burning Blade” spell effect’s crescent seems very unfitting or more-so out of place, just as a little feedback to perhaps improve your visuals. I also recommend for the “Jolt” spell, once the dash is performed, to lean the torso farther forward to better give the impression of a lightning-fast movement, as it looks relatively still for the type of motion you’re going for.

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Looks really nice like the style

Yoo I have the same concept just different Elements. My game is inspired on deepwoken and swordburst 2