Devlog #2.5 MMO-RPG

I made the Long Sword into an actual Long Sword. Added 2 more types of weapons.
On the bottom of the screen is the number combat system.

Red = TechniqueStyle: Normal(Aura/Stamina)
Green = TechniqueStyle: Running(Aura/Stamina)
Blue = Skill(Magic)

There are a bunch of Technique Types

  1. Sequence: Repeating Move (basically like an m1)

  2. Counter: Getting hit during this hits the attacker instead.

  3. Chain: (Don’t really know how to explain it so I’ll give an example instead) Your race is Vampire. (Blood control is a racial technique) Use the chain once to stab your self empowering your weapon increasing its damage and range. Use the chain while not sprinting a 2nd time to detonate your blood in an AOE putting it on cd. Or use it a 2nd time while sprinting to leap forward in an aimed area to stab the ground detonating your blood in an AOE putting it on cd.

There are three Technique Styles
(Can ONLY be used with)

  1. Normal: Non-Sprint
  2. Running: Sprint
  3. Hybrid: Sprint/Non-Sprint (All Chains are hybrids but not all hybrids are chains.)

(Hybrid techniques take up both Key slots)

Other Combat Systems

M1 = Cancel (Dodge Cancel, Roll Cancel, Feint)
M2 = Guard Break ( Staggers, Can be countered by pressing M2. Like in For Honor.)

Feedback Tweaks

A Thank you to FroDev1002 for his feedback on the last devlog. I hope the tweaks isn’t as much of an eye soar as they were anymore.

A Thank you to BrAlMeSo_Mc for his feedback on the last devlog. Thank you for pointing out that the Ui looked too simple. I hope this makes it look not too simple. However after much consideration i came to realize that when it comes to ui design I absolutely Suck A… So i will be working on this.

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