Devlog Infinite Obby

Hey, Ace here with a devlog on my game. Yesterday I asked for feedback for my game, today I continued developing and made great progress for just 1 day.

What has been updated?
I now have:

  1. Game icon
  2. Game thumbnail
  3. A somewhat decent description
  4. Shop (will be revamped soon)
  5. Particles for winning
  6. More exclusive levels
  7. Hidden custom music player UI by default

Use of different free assets:
The only other free asset I use now, is the image for the shop (


  • Amount of “Free” levels: 5, and a 6th one in development
  • Amount of “Lvl 20+” levels: 1
  • Amount of “Lvl 100+” levels: 2

Save reset:
I switched from regular DataStores to OrderedDataStores, which means all saved data has been reset. If you contact me I might be able to recover your saved data tho.

Link to my game:

My Trello board:

Do you feel like my game has improved?
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How good is my game now on a scale from 1 to 10?
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Dude! You’re game is amazing!
Good luck!

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I think that you should post this in #bulletin-board and post it here when you get the full game done.

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This is cool but I’m pretty sure this has been done multiple times before

Theres more that show up but I’m not sure if they are real or not.

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I’ll be posting my next devlog there then

Too bad then, I’m proud of my game’s progress so far and I’ll continue developing it

Even though your idea is unoriginal you should still develop to learn.


I’m not sure about this, normally people rate my game, but on today’s devlog, which I put in #bulletin-board, only I’ve rated it.

You should put your finished game in #help-and-feedback:cool-creations and your devlogs in #bulletin-board. Then link all your #bulletin-board posts in the finished game post.

I wanted to say here, future devlogs are going to be posted in Devlogs || Infinite Obby, a topic on #bulletin-board, as suggested. I already put my latest devlog on there.

Hey, I found out the lag issue, robloxapp-20201229-1406181.wmv (544.4 KB)

Thanks, it’s fixed now. Don’t know for sure if that fixes the lagg issue tho :confused:

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It should be fine if you disable character animations and make it like Tower off Hell or the other parkour games. Some players uses anormall animations ( like ninja animation it’s really hard to make parkour with it) and they make the parkour harder then the others.

Best Regards