[Devlog] Mading a high quality obby

Hello there!

I’m currently working on a Obby type game, and i’m trying to do it in a high quality, with cool graphics, visual effects and gameplay.

I would love to get feedbacks and suggestions from other developers to know what do you think about it.


📌Last Update: 03 October 2023📌

📌Version 1 / 08 September 2023

I’m working on how obby’s are going to appear forward us.
I’m looking on which tween effect is better for the obby movement and i’ve made it so the sky color and ambiance is also changing smoothy at same time as the obby appear.

Effect n°1

Effect n°2

📌Version 2 / 03 October 2023

I spent some days to rework the core system of the game and made some changes onto the obby’s.
Now the obby’s are “unknow” until we reach the checkpoint, and we can see a transparent preview of the obby.

I’ve also made the first version of some Gui’s, including the ScreenGui and CharacterGui.

New obby effects

New Gui’s


I think your build looks amazing, Crygen! I love the lights, the models, everything. For such a build and style, I truly feel like the first option is the best. Its “brutal” way of appearing is very cartoony, which matches with the obby! :smile: :four_leaf_clover:


Okay, thank you very much for the feedback, i appreciate it ! :smiley:

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i think smooth is better, and seems more natural

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Hey everyone!

I decided to turn out this post into a “Devlog”, so i can get all the feedbacks and suggestions in there instead of creating multiple posts and then everyone can see my progression as the time goes. :smile: