DevMarket - A easier way to get assets

Hello, I like the idea, but when I press on any of the assets, it leads to the same thing, and I would recommend getting a real domain.


The website UI isn’t that great, the domain is an autogenerated Wix domain, and a Roblox plugin is 100% necessary at release if you want people to use this. It’s too much of a hassle to switch to a browser in the middle of development just to find an asset when you can use the Toolbox.


I would not recommend Wix at all, or any website builder for that matter. I would urge you to learn how to create websites with HTML and CSS. Yes its more of a learning curve than a website builder, but you aren’t restricted by a website builder.


Try wordpress, it is completely customizable but easy to learn.
For beginners (you dont have to buy a domain):
For more customization (you must own a domain and more difficult to set up)
I think that this is a cool idea! Keep up the good work and don’t let anyone discourage you!

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All this does is give you virus free assets. Which, as most of you may not know, most viruses were removed in an update a couple months ago. Also, as many others have said, it gets annoying alt-tabbing or pressing F11 every time I need an asset. Also, if you are really careful with viruses, just use a virus scanner.

So this is just the toolbox but even more annoying to use.

Isn’t this the same thing as my resource?

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Is there a way to upload assets?

Apologies, the bug should now be fixed. :smiley:

I have decided to reply to everyone using this single post.

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I will take your feedback to make new UI.

It’s the best I can do at the moment, sorry.

A plugin is being worked on at the moment for inserting assets easily.

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We also provide high quality assets, unlike other asset providers.

A plugin is in the works, and when it will be out you can use DevMarket in studio as well.

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Your resource is similar, but DevMarket has different features compared to your resource.

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Yes, there is. You must suggest it through our Discord server and we will see the asset. :smiley:

I do not mean to sound “know it all” (because I don’t).
This is a genuine question, so please take it as that and not as sarcasm:
How will you achieve to install plugins from within a plugin? This topic has been touched on in the past and I have my own personal interest in it, however, all discussions of this always lead to the answer being “impossible”.

The ability to install assets within the plugin, which is in progress will be everything except for plugins, plugins are a website only feature for DevMarket due to the feature not existing.

If that’s that then will installing a plugin just send you back to the corresponding plugin page on ?

DevMarket has 2 ways to install assets. Either through the toolbox or through the plugin. The plugin option gives you a code to paste into a textbox, that will load the asset. Loading assets through the plugin is coming soon, and is not available for plugins or resources.

(Why did you highlight “option” I’m so confused)
By code do you mean name? If it only gives you the name of the plugin it could be dangerous, I recommend instead a link to the appropriate site

I highlighted it as it is a special feature.

No, I mean by a set of numbers you can paste to load in the asset.

So the plugin id in the Roblox toolbox?

Yes, it will use the asset id, and it will be pasted in.

Thanks for including my plugin.

Some feedback for your site - it’s a decent idea but needs improvement.

  • UI is overcomplicated; it requires clicking multiple buttons just to get the asset you need
  • Very few assets; you need a lot more if developers are to use this site a lot
  • Upload feature; developers should be able to upload their own assets - these could even be reviewed by your team before being published
  • Better domain; the site seems very unprofessional with the Wix ad banner at the top of the screen and the default Wix hosting domain
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There is a specified link on where you can get to the assets page, without clicking on any buttons.

I am looking to add many more assets in the next update.

At the moment, developers have the ability to suggest a asset but I might add your idea instead.

I am planning to get a better plan I can use for the resource.

I’m going to try to make my own such site, but much more in-depth.