DevRel’s Connect Conference is Now Inspire 2024 - Cast Your Opinion!

I’ll let some people know idk if I will deposit on what we will do like more of this year and the rules


If we applied to be a speaker, when can we expect a reply?


Applied to be a speaker on a few different topics, excited to see how Inspire 2024 turns out


I can’t wait! I don’t believe I can compete to the best of my ability, but I hope there are some free DevRel prize… :joy:


I agree with this can’t wait to see what people have in store this time better

My big question is when will it happen this year as I want to know when it starts and it ends that way I have time to prepare

I agree with this and I definitely do understand this my question is what is this year’s theme ?

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It is not yet known what the topic will be, they will surely make it public as the start date approaches.