Devs, how do you make your roads? (Help needed!)

Devs, how do you make your roads? :motorway:

I’ve been struggling, a lot, to create a road network in Roblox Studio. I’ve seen some beautiful networks, that look very realistic, but how do you make them, and how do you achieve such precision?

  • Do you use some sort of plugin?
  • External software?

I personally used the segment method and went on by using Archimedes. This is a goodish method, but when it comes to road turns, exits, highway ramps/exits, etc. well… There’s trouble.

Any explanation would be helpful, and sources/guides are very appreciated!

My attempts:

Highway exit ramp, looks good from afar…

Until you get near the exit road…

The highway itself is alright (used the method described above)!


I don’t model but there’s a plugin specifically for making roads


Have I been doing roads the wrong way or something because I just build them myself. Able to get it much more accurate than with plugins


That’s the conclusion I came to as well. Manual building even though harder - quit 10 times :sweat_smile: - gives out better results.

I just asked in-case there’s a much better way, but from what I see, it’s a no… For now at least.


Yeah, I’ve tried it out. It’s kinda hard to manage and doesn’t give the best results. But from simple roads, this is a good plugin!

I personally I am looking for more in-depth solutions, since my project is mainly focused on roads and driving!


I’ve been building manually for ages, however recently I’m starting to experiment with created meshes that then form sections of the road. This is already widely used in the aviation sector of roblox development, where the taxiways and runways of an airport are imported as a mesh. Only issue is I want my roads to have depths and curvature, not just be flat, which means I potentially run into collision issues. However this may be the way forward?

Yeah, it’s been quite a while since I posted this, but I went ahead and chose to make them manually. I just do everything really carefully and calculated so it’s easier to edit and improve in the future!

I’ll go ahead and close the thread. Thank you! :smile:

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