DevStyle (V2) Devforum Redesign


An all new Devforum redesign! Personally I thought the devforum looked dull and not very appealing. So I created this all new style for it! This was inspired by RefinedBlox, which I highly recommend using. DevStyle is still a work in progress so please let me know of any bug fixes and features you guys want added. I know its been a while but DevStle is back! Thanks for using and hope you enjoy!



April 25th, 2024

  • Added Settings!
  • Revamped look
  • Bug fixes


To download DevStyle you will need to install Stylus on the chrome web store. After you have installed that go to the DevStyle and press install. After it brings you to the code page press Install Style.


@stormey2010 has the rights to this, you are free to design your own but DO NOT use without credit. If used for inspiration please give credit too! Thanks for your cooperation!

Nice to see it’s back, i’ll try this new version when i can.

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