DevStylxs | Minimalist Urban Asset Development Portfolio

I joined roblox in 2016, started developing in roughly 2019 however it was all over the place, doing a bit of everything here and there with really my only goal to make robux. That took a sharp change recently, when the state of the world changed and we were all given alot of time to ourselves. I decided to focus on Building and scripting; the bit of blender here and there to assist with building, the difference this time was that I was doing it out of passion not out of want for lego currency. I am probably best at developing english housing, my style fits the south cost’s architecture very well but is applicable anywhere. My skills obviously transfer to other areas of building though, the same skills apply.

Regarding my scripting, it’s something I’ve wanted to work on for a while and i’m finally getting round to. I’m still pretty intermediate and haven’t really focused on an area yet. I’m nothing special, but I can do most intermediate things, some of which may include, but is not limited to:

  • Player/Server Interaction
  • User Interface Back End
  • Discord Integration
  • Working with CFrame
  • Basic Exploit Proofing

My scripts may not be advanced, but they are clean. I design my code to be optimised and efficient, while remaining easy to interpret and easy to modify. This may not sound of much use to you if you’re not interested in scripting yourself, but it’s useful for other scripters and when your asked to work with variables named abcd trust me, it’s not fun.

These images represent my building style well,

Here is some of my small scale asset work

I don’t currently have any images or content to display for my scripting, but if you check back here in a week or two, I might have added some.

Feel free to message me, I’m always open to see if I am available to work with you, I won’t always be available though. Contact me on discord, DevStylxs#3956. Please do not contact me if you don’t have appropriate funds to pay for services, nothing under 100 will be accepted. Stay Safe.


Absolutely love the simplicity of your builds. I suggest trying to experiment with other materials and textures other than concrete on the walls as it gets repetitive to look at. Other than that, great work mate.

Thank you for the kind words, and material wise it’s definitely something i’ll look into, along with different colours. Thanks for the constructive criticism, have a great night.

Very nice as always pal! Anything you do it normally looks good, should post some of your other assets on here!

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