DevTools, a Plugin to simplify Studio [v4.0]

DevTools :hammer: is a plugin designed to help developers manage their games with User Moderation, Notes, To-Do List, Asset Importer, Folder Instance Replication, and many more features…

How do I use this?

Simply install the plugin and allow script injection and you’re done!
Below are explanations on each feature!

Video Outdated since Widget Update

– Plugin Actions

Script Credits
  1. Set the Shortcut for the “ScriptCredits” Action
  2. Select a Script or LocalScript and press that Shortcut

– Plugin Widgets

Folder Replication
  1. Toggle the Replication Widget
  2. Drag and Drop the instances into the Folder in ServerStorage
  3. Select the target Locations and click Replicate!
Notes Interface
  1. Toggle the Notes Widget
  2. Type in your notes (Notes save per PlaceID)
ToDo List

Currently being reworked!

  1. Toggle the Notes Widget
  2. Click the To-Do button in the top-right corner
  3. Enter your items and click the check to toggle Item Completion
  • :warning: Currently, Items do not save for the To-Do List
Asset Importer
  1. Toggle the Importer Widget
  2. Paste the rbxassetid into the TextBox
  3. Click the Import button
  • :warning: Currently, Assets are parented to the game.Workspace
Modular Admin
  1. Toggle the Admin Importer Widget
  2. Press the Import Button
  • :warning: Currently, the system in parented to ServerScriptService
User Moderation Gui

(Currently Disabled)

  1. Toggle the User Moderation Widget
  2. Enter the Target UserId into the first TextBox
  3. Enter your DataStore Name in the second TextBox
  4. Click the Ban/Unban buttons to manage the user

Where is the Plugin Link?

Download the plugin here to help me test it out!


Main Developer: @WestJordan08


cross items will be a huge help

What do you mean by cross items? I would be happy to add it

Crossitems is like this:

It creates a folder in serverstoragr called ‘CrossFolder’, and whatever you put in it replicates to other places you edit unless you disabled it.

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Hmm interesting…
I’ll look into it!

The Gui is almost done! I will publish this tonight when I finish and test it for bugs. I will add more folders for it to replicate it to if suggested.

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nice gui

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Looks really cool!

I’ll definitely try it out!

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Folder Instance Replication is out! Come help me test it out. Big thanks to @commitblue for the idea!

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I am currently remaking this plugin using Widgets. This update will allow many features using Selection Service.

Everything works well but Modular Admin doesn’t appear on Server Script when you press it.

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Can you send me a video? You need to make sure that script injection is allowed or none of the features will work. I just published an update hopefully solving this issue though.

Let me try with updated one when i’m on my pc.

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Just a small hint of the new UI btw


Hey, I’m a ui designer, just trying to give some feedback, remove the uicorner from the import button it will make it fit a bit better, and making it a bit smaller since the space from under the button and the sides is weird.

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Edit: wrong reply, was for DodoSeal

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Ok! I just started UI design so thanks for the tip.

How do these look now?


Those look great! Will there be a option for themes such as Color themes instead of blue?

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Well, in my opinion it doesn’t need that. It’s smooth for both themes (dark/light) because of the blue.

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