Dexterium Reactor Facility

I made this Dexterium reactor

You may be wondering. What the heck is dexterium? Dexterium is a highly radioactive metal I made up. And I decided to make this mini facilty of what i would believe a dexterium reactor would look like.

I didnt want to make some floating orb though like most facilty games. So i made up how the reactor works. There are three metals I’m going to mention in my explanation: Technium, a very strong metal alloy, Dexterium, a highley radioactive material, and Kaylite, a crystal that natural emits physical energy (like kinetic) The kaylite are stored in the rods sticking out of the reactor that spins a turbine. And dexterium is also located inside the reactor. The spinning, the kaylite’s energy and the dexterium pushes this technium turbine that super heats water in to a gasseous/plasma. This plasma is then transported via tubes to be condensed and to spin more turbines which then produces electricity.
But anyways this a video of the mini facility and reactor. Plus the interactive part of the reactor. Enjoy.

robloxapp-20211230-1848380.wmv (3.8 MB)
Edit: Ive edited it a lot and made it look a bit nicer: Here is the new video:
robloxapp-20211231-1511364.wmv (4.5 MB)

Some screenshots: (old)

Feedback would be nice. I’m not sure what to add :slight_smile:

Any feedback?


Your facility needs more improvement.
Here are my suggestions:

The control panels are repetitive. Please add different buttons and other types of machinery.

The hallway looks very bland, I suggest you improve the door, add more rooms and decorations such as bulletin board, posters, windows, plants, pipes, vents etc.

As for the ceiling, you can add decorations in it by using parts or textures.

I recommend looking for references from the internet. I hope this helps you!
Note: I do not own any of these images I posted.


Thanks for the feedback! I’ll definitley add stuff.

So ive updated everything like you said so here is a video of it:
(I didnt do the doors yet)
robloxapp-20211231-1511364.wmv (4.5 MB)

It looks better! I can see the improvements. I recommend adding posts (supports) in your hallway to make it more interesting.


As for the doors, be creative in using shapes in Roblox Studio.
Here is an example I built for 2 minutes: