DEZ Radial // An easy building radial at your fingertips! // By Discgolftaco231

DEZ Radial. An easy way to build.

So what is it?

DEZ Radial is an easy building plugin that helps you insert objects into your game that would usually take a little longer than usual.

What does it look like?

Here is a demonstration of DEZ Radial:

Cool! So it’s like the radial Blender has?


What can it do?

Take a look at this:

Can it do other things than spawn in parts?

Yes! This is why this menu can be helpful. Watch this:

Why should I choose this over other plugins or shortcuts?

This plugin is extremely accessible and it is easy to spawn in (especially with spawning in wedges, spheres, and cylinders) certain items and it helps people group things more efficiently of they have trouble with the shortcuts. Plus, there is no shortcut for putting things in a folder.

Does it work with things that are not parts?

Yes and no. It works with anything you can select in the viewport (ie. MeshParts, Parts, etc.) This means it does not work with selecting other things in the Explorer like scripts, because the UI only shows in the viewport :confused:

Where can I get it?

Right here!

let me know what you all think, and thank you for listening to me today. Have a great evening/afternoon!

Hold LeftAlt to pull up the menu!


The offset between the cursor and the buttons is too big imo, if possible, make it smaller so it takes less time to get to a button from the center of the radial

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Great suggestion! I’ll update it as soon as I can. (I am not currently on my pc. I am about to have friends over. I’ll try to update it tomorrow.)

You should make so that the part spawns near your camera instead of at 0, 0, 0.

Also I agree with @RealExoctic.

It’s cool though!