Dialog remote events

local giveDialog = dialogDirectory.DialogChoice
local remoteEvent = game.ReplicatedStorage.SellProduct

	print("dialog chosen")
	if choice == giveDialog then
		print("shots fired gam3r")

I’m trying to make it so when I click on the DialogChoice named “DialogChoice” it fires an event to the server with the parameters of plr (to get the plr) and “Wood” so the server knows what the player is trying to sell. None of the prints are found in the output.

The script is on Roblox Studio, Team Create, inside of a Dummy Head as a local script next to a dialog.

Follow up questions:

If I can’t fire remote events using dialog choice events how do I change the stats of a player using dialog choice events?

local scripts inside of workspace don’t run, to test if the script is even ran, put a print(1) outside of the event.

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It didn’t run, where do I put it? StarterCharacterScripts?

sure, I would probably put it inside starterplayerscripts though.