Dialog without interacting with an NPC

Hello! I was thinking it would be cool making an NPC talk without me interacting with it, I’ve searched on Youtube for a bit but nothing was found. I’m not a scripter I am a builder so I have no idea what to do :sweat_smile:. If anyone has a script that does this it would make my day!

Example of something that does this: https://www.roblox.com/games/4923906429/every-cafe-game-ever

Kind Regards, CooperLovesHisDetos. :smiley:

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What you could do is have an NPC, and if that NPC detects a player within a given range, say like 6 studs, then the NPC can output some dialog automatically. Not sure if anyone is going to make a script for you, but the problem could easily be learned.

If you know like the basics of scripting, you should be able to solve this. Here’s a couple of documentation pages that may help you:

For detecting when a player is close, you should look at the example code in the magnitude documentation:

You could also look into this documentation for dialog boxes:

I’m also certain there are plenty of tutorials online too!


Thanks for the help! I’ll look into those.