Dialogue Editor errors that did not happen before

So I am currently testing out a dialogue system that I have made a few days ago. All was good until today when I tested it again. Whenever I click the overhead button on a NPC, the dialogue UI does not show up, instead there was an error in the output which was:

[14:26:02.850 - ReplicatedStorage.RobloxDialogue.Class.Graph:23: attempt to index local 'initialPrompt' (a nil value)]

Yesterday this error did not happen at all, it was very smooth but it appeared today. I checked my graph script which was where the error came from and so far there was nothing wrong. The code below is a snippet of the full code as these few lines was where the error came from

[14:45:42.692 - Plugin_2921269188.Plugin.Data.Class.Graph:23: attempt to index nil with 'IsA']
This error occurs whenever I try to open the editor. I have no idea why this error appeared.

All code is from the dialogue editor plugin

Code Snippet
local Super = require(script.Parent)
local Graph = Super:Extend()

function Graph:OnNew()

--//--class variables--//--

--Prompt[] InitialPrompts
--* list of the possible initial prompts for this entire tree.
--* they are ordered by priority and the first valid one is chosen.
Graph.InitialPrompts = {}
function Graph:InitInitialPrompts()-- The line where the first error came from
	self.InitialPrompts = {}
function Graph:GetInitialPrompts()
	return self.InitialPrompts
function Graph:AddInitialPrompt(initialPrompt)-- The line where the second error came from
	if not initialPrompt:IsA(self:GetClass"Prompt") then
		error("Attempted to add a non-Prompt to Graph.")

Are you trying to use the new Dialogue Editor by Davidii that was intended to be replacing legacy dialogue instances? The plugin created by Davidii is broken and unmaintained. You’ll need to search for a version that is currently being community maintained.

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Im using glossydon’s dialogue editor plugin.

I figured it out by redoing the whole dialogue tree. :smiley: