Diamond Café Franchise™ • Handbook

Diamond Café Franchise™ • Handbook

Last updated 28th August, 2021
Developer forum version released 7th July, 2021

What is Diamond Café?

Diamond Café is a café franchise apart of the Roblox community. At Diamond Café we aim to grow and spread positivity throughout the community. Our goal is to bring food of great quality to Roblox. We do not accept staff who ruin the positive energy or disrespect others. Diamond Café was founded on the 28th of August, 2020 by mxstiqux and vibing_froggyz.


Roblox Group
Alliance Application



  1. Cup
  2. Milk
  3. Fruit/Greens
  4. Put in specific blender

Boba Tea:

  1. Cup
  2. Milk
  3. Tapioca Pearls
  4. Flavoring


  1. Cup
  2. Water


  1. Cup
  2. Hot Water
  3. Honey
  4. Tea Leaves

Coffee (Latte and Cappuccino):

  1. Cup
  2. Milk
  3. Milk Frother
  4. Flavoring (Latte or Cappuccino)

Coffee (Mocha and Black):

  1. Cup
  2. Hot Water
  3. Flavoring (Mocha or Black)


  1. Cookie Tray
  2. Dough
  3. Put in specific oven


  1. Cupcake Tins
  2. Batter
  3. Put in specific oven

Soups (Head over to the right entrance of the cashier area to make soups):

  1. Bowl
  2. Flavoring

Requirements to ally!

• Must have 90+ members in your Roblox group

• Must have 40+ members in your Discord

• Must be a business type group (cafe, restaurant, dentist, hotel, etc.)

• Can not be blacklisted, or banned previously

• 1-2 Ally Representative(s) will be needed to join our Discord and Roblox group

Please wait up to 24 hours for the application to be read. If not please contact anyone with the @Public Relations role. Once read we will DM you if it was approved or not. If approved please DM us back your representative(s) Discord tag and Roblox user so we can rank them.

For any further questions please contact the Head of Public Relations


Rule 1:

Respect In this group we strongly encourage that everyone will respect everyone within the community. If you fail to do so you will be warned (Refer to the Warnings section on how they are done). At Diamond Café, our community is urged to be responsible, respectful, and positive.

Rule 2:

Nothing Inappropriate We expect you to keep the chat safe, bypassing the chat filter will be an automatic ban. This also goes along with anything else being done that is considered Inappropriate. We would like to keep this group as clean and professional as possible.

Rule 3:

Spamming Spamming in the chat is not allowed at any time. Spamming is considered saying the same message/messages 3+ times in less than 5 seconds. Along with that, flooding the chat filter will result in an automatic ban.

Rule 4:

Personal Info Personal information is strictly banned in ALL chats, no matter the circumstances. This includes personal information about yourself or others. Hopefully there will not be much of this but some people find a way to evade this.

Rule 5:

Advertising We have a strict no advertising rule. Do not post unapproved messages of any other group, website, etc without approval. Self-promotion or the promotion of an organization or body is a violation of our no advertising policy. This includes PM advertising.

Rule 6:

Professionalism All staff members are to remain professional in ALL chats, this includes PMs.

Rule 7:

Bullying/Drama/Harassment Directive comments made in a negative manner are not allowed. This includes general harassment in the server or PMs.


To start your adventure as a staff member at DC you must apply at the Trainee Quiz Center or attend an interview for Trainees. If 3+ questions are wrong, you will not be ranked. Once a Trainee, you are allowed to work (only as a cashier). Refer to the Ordering and Serving section of this guide on how to help a Customer. If you would like to advance in ranks you must go and train up to the rank Senior Chef/Senior Cashier. Once you are the highest LR rank, you may attend an MR interview. MR’s will then be promoted through being noticed doing great at their job by an HR+ staff. Once you are the rank 12 | Director, you can then go and attend HR interviews. Once HR you can advance in ranks by being noticed doing great at your job by an SHR+. HR’s have the chance of taking up an SHR position if any spots are open. This will be decided by one of the Founders.

Appealing a ban

There are 2 main types of bans that are used, ban and perm ban. If you are banned you can appeal the ban through a ticket on our Discord server by stating valid reason(s) why you should be unbanned. Perm bans are done by our highest ranking staff and are not appealable. The only way you will be unpermbanned is if the perm ban was done by a Co-Owner+ that is abusing the ban on you (highly unlikely).


Trolling and(or) spamming the chat will be a warning. The command is ;warn username reason. Once warned 3 times, it is an automatic kick by the game. Rejoining and continuing to troll will be a ban. Please call an SHR+ to ban.


Training: Department used for claiming training sessions and getting professional staff prepared and instructed on how to train. Applications come out when the Head of Trainings decides to open them. Rank Manager+ can apply.

Public Relations: Department used for dealing with alliances, hosting events, and recruitment. Members in this team can be representatives in allied groups or even read alliance applications. Applications come out when the Head of PR decides to open them. Rank Executive Intern+ can apply.

Moderation: Department used for overall moderation of the discord server and roblox games. Members in this department can use in-game and in-server moderation commands. Applications come out when the Head of Moderation decides to open them. Rank Manager+ can apply.

Exploiters and Trollers

Refer to the Warnings section of this guide on how to deal with trollers. For an exploiter please call an SHR+ to ban them immediately.

Ordering and Serving

Cashier: Open up a lane by clicking the red button below the register. When a Customer/Guest comes up to you (you can also serve staff members if they come up to you) please state a greeting similar to this: “Greetings and welcome to Diamond Café! My name is [name] and I will be helping you today. Menu is in your inventory if you need it. What can I get you?” You can customize your own greeting as long as they have key points. You may include emojis or fancy symbols. Once they have stated their order (max items is 3), click the register in front of you and type up the Customers username, not roleplay name. Input their order and click “Submit”. You can then advise them to take a seat anywhere and wait for the order to appear in their inventory.

Chef: Once an order has shown up on the order board, you can go and make it. Once made, say h while holding out the items and type out the person who ordered username (not rp name) and then click enter. Once done click the “Finished” button on the order board to complete the order.


VIP Customer:

Usually the rank of former SHR or HR’s and is a customer DC would like to award more then others. Has VIP admin.


A suspended staff member who lost staff permissions for an amount of time.

Alliance Representative:

Representative from one of our allied groups. Has VIP admin.


Invests in the group. Has VIP admin.

Trainee - Senior Cashier:
Does the duties of a cashier. More information on these duties are in cashier trainings.

Trainee - Senior Chef:
Does the duties of a chef. More information on these duties are in chef trainings.

Staff Supervisor:

Supervise’s staffing.

Staff Leader:

Incharge of Staff Supervisors and oversee Staff Supervisor and down.

Shift Leader:

Hosts shifts. Can promote people who do good during shifts.


Incharge of Shift Leader and below and takes more responsibilities. Manages the cafe. The first rank that is eligible to apply to join the trainings team.

Security Guard:

Makes sure that customer and staff safety are implied. Is eligible to be a bodyguard for SHRs. Has access to handcuffs.

MR Ranks:

Supervises the cafe to make sure everything goes smoothly. Helps to deal with trollers and sends exploiter screenshots to HR+.

Executive Intern:

1st step into the HR field. First rank to be eligible to be a Corporate Assistant.


2nd step into the HR field and follows the orders given by BOD+. Works with the Head Directors.

Head Director:

Works with the Director team to create new ideas and improve the cafe. Makes sure everyone is following the rules. Helps everything go smoothly.

Junior Executive Officer:

They oversee the Executive Intern’s as they take a huge step into becoming an HR.

Executive Officer:

Oversees the whole Executive Department of Diamond Café.

Corporate Assistant:

Are the assistants for anyone in the Corporate Team.

Corporate Intern:

The first SHR rank. First rank eligible to get an assistant. First to ask when needed to ban.

Corporate Officer:

Oversee Corporate Assistants and Corporate Intern’s. Report to the Senior Corporate Officer.

Chief Staffing Officer:

Incharge of all Staffing and oversees LR, MR, and HR spots.

Chief Operations Officer:

Incharge of all operations at Diamond Cafe and report to the VP+.

Senior Corporate Officer:

Oversees the whole Corporate Department and reports to VP+.

Board of Directors:

Oversees the whole Director Department and reports to VP+.

Vice President and President:

Helps create new rules. Works with staff to improve the cafe.


Designs GFX, shirts, etc. Has access to VIP admin.


Develops our group games.


Assistant to the Founders. Can ban & perm ban people when asked.


Owns and manages the group. Can perm ban people when asked.


Diamond Café Franchise™ • Handbook

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