Dice Rolling System

Hi there!
So a new game of mine that I’m working on features a system which rolls phsyical dice in the workspace when a player presses the “Roll” button.
Previously, I had it spawn in the dice from a server script so each player could see the exact same roll, however the dice would often lag and glitch out, causing an unfair roll.
Because of this, I decided to move to a new system where when the player presses “Roll”, the server will randomly determine the oreintation of the dice like so:

and then it will send this information to all the clients, where the clients will spawn in their own dice, and set the orientation of the dice according to the server’s input.
About 60% of the time, the dice will roll the same on each client, however the other 40% of times clients will roll similary, but different (one dice may be correct, the other may be a side off), even though each client’s dice are oriented the same when spawned.

Would there be any better way of doing this?


p.s. if you need any more information please ask!