Diced || What do you think?

Hello, you may recognize me from my post on this game earlier today. I was just wondering if someone can tell me everything that is wrong with the assets I have made. Please don’t hold back your thoughts, I need lots of constructive criticism! Idk if this is the right category, if not tell me and I’ll change!

Game Link!

Diced - Cooking - Roblox

Game Images!

What will be a part of the restaurant/lobby!

Tables for the restaurant!



Honestly when I first played the game it was amazing! The kitchen design looks cool, and also the tables. One thing I would say is remodel the things that are on the shelves. I also love whatever the reception looking thin is. I all around love the design and vibe the assets give off.

Also sorry if it’s hard for you to understand. Sometimes my brain and hands don’t work together as well as I would like them to.


I will do that, thanks for the feedback!


If all you want advice on is the builds then, keep it here. If you want advice on the whole game, then put it in Game Design Support


The NPC in the chair, the legs are a bit messed up as in he isnt sitting hes standing through the chair. image

This kitchen design is most realistic to what it is like working in a rl kitchen as in most rl restaurant kitchens have metal tables/counters. image

Maybe it is my graphics but it seems almost like if you watch the candle for a few seconds it is like moving inside or floating.

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I am looking for advice for the builds only.

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This can give you you’re answer.

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