Did i improve on making GFX's? I need you opinion

Hey, i’v been making GFX for months now and i would like your opinion how my GFX skills has been improved and what i can change to make it better.




I still need to practice more and learn from what i can do on photoshop thats why i want your feedback on how i can make my GFX’s better.

Thanks for reading, and if you want to buy a GFX of mine just contact me on discord X’ander#0001.


Wow, you really improved! Good job!

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Woah, that surprised me! Good job on the improvements! <3

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Just a question, how did you make the background (I mean like what website or app).

Its an google image, i didn’t know in that time to make that.

Looks so much better. The render quality is way higher and the pose is better. It just overall looks better. Keep up the good work!

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Your skills of GFX has had much improvement. Continue creating this amazing work!

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don’t use any google image if you want; use 1 from
i am sure it’s legal; and copyright free

I’d recommend using cycles to render or lowering the roughness on the character and adding ambient occlusion. I’d also recommend messing with a few different HDRIs because the yellow temperature and strength on that one ruins the lighting.

There is definitely an improvement on the second one, it’s more clear and precise. My only concern is the lack of Ambient occlusion on the body of the character. The left side of the head is really bright because of this. This would also make the top of the hair blend in more naturally in front of the background.

Another pet peeve of mine from the GFX is the lack of color variation. It feels kind of plain and bland with just one color. I recommend changing the brightness of some parts of the GFX to a brighter red.

You did well :+1:

I see a huge improvement! But here are some tips and feedbacks you can use to improve your works more:

  • Try to use less specular and more roughness. If you want specular effect, you can try to use also metallic.
  • Try to work on lighting to make the character lit everywhere.
  • For photoshop part, try to separate character by backgroung. For example: using rays, radial gradient, etc.

Goodluck on your future works and keep it up! :wink:

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I didn’t use any google images in the second one.

The design looks decent.

The design has those small improvements, I see you worked on your lighting a bit to have a more realistic feel to it. I would say try decreasing the close lighting shining on the side of the characters face, you could also include a background that matches the tones on the top shirt.

Despite not much lacking I would say for one try fading out the white outline, shadow around the entire character to make it blend in with the background, what you have so far doesn’t look bad. Alternatively, you could throw in a background that reflect that warm lighting and reflection, to increase the quality of the design.

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Hey! You have improved and it looks really great! :smiley: