Did I use too many meshes?

I avoid using them when building but decided to try them out more.
Did I use them tastefully?


I mean, it looks good, it looks like a bed :stuck_out_tongue:

If you’re asking yourself this question in the future (which honestly is good practice), consider that as a game developer you should be prioritizing memory use and time investment resources into the highest priority (to lowest priority) assets for your game.

If this bed is a prominent asset or core to the experience you’re shooting for, then yea looks good. If it’s going to be seen for a few seconds, maybe not? Though that largely depends on the game, the use, the style, and the situation. If you can firmly decide on how to best answer these questions for each asset you spend time on, then you’re off to a great start :smiley:


Those spiral-shaped edges might cause some performance issues if you’re going to be reusing this bed. It looks like you used a ton of faces for them.

Usually in these situations you would use cylinder shapes instead and stick some textures on top of them to reduce rending cost. Other than that, I agree with what Aotrou mentioned.


It looks good but honestly i would avoid using meshes in furniture since players wont spend lots of time there (assuming game is like city or something)

I’ll be honest, it looks good, but not like, what you would expect from a top game, maybe use not as much meshes, this is my opinion, you don’t have to agree.

Hey Zomebody!

Although it is a lot of faces, how much of an impact would this make if the entirety of the mesh had no collisions and the collision fidelity was set to box?

Would this offset the detriments of highly detailed meshes that are meant to have >limited to no< client interaction?

You shouldn’t shy away from using meshes. They are a great solution to many modeling problems, and knowing how to use a modeling application is a great skill to have.

The first thing I noted is that the bed is a bit of a hodgepodge of design ideas. Designing things and modeling them are two separate skills. As a modeler you should use a reference whenever possible. This is a good idea for a host of reasons, not the least of which is that it gives you something to show other artists when you are looking for advice on how to approach a modeling task.

It’s a good to strive for a consistent “look” or level of detail overall, and then maybe add a little extra where you want the focus to be. It helps the overall effect if the elements look like they belong together. In the bed above, there are simple rectangle legs and a simple backboard with arches that are faceted instead of smooth. The round, ornamental post toppers are high detail as is the spiral frill around the edge of the bed. The pillows and sheets have elements of high detail (folds, rounded corners, etc.), but also low detail aspects like how the sheets stick off the side instead of drape. The differences in style/detail make the bed look a little like a mashup.

I certainly don’t want to discourage progress with my comments. Roblox development allows for a lot more flexibility than I expect a lot of the time, so take what I say with a grain of salt. I do highly recommend working from a reference regardless of experience. Keep up the good work! Keep putting stuff out there for others to review. It takes some courage to do that, but feedback from others can really accelerate your progress.