Did Moderation Review Requests get unmuted?

So I was gonna check out some posts in #platform-feedback, then I notice #platform-feedback:moderation-review-requests on the list:


(I have the xbox categories muted)

I also asked a friend (who is also a regular) and this is their response:

So did the notification settings for these get changed by default? Because this category has always been muted by default as there is no reason to regularly read the category, much like #bulletin-board.

I could just go mute it myself (which I will) but I would like to know if this is the case.


It’s still muted by default here, and there hasn’t been any recent posts on Discourse meta about categories randomly being unmuted.

Not sure what happened, but mute it, and if it is unmuted again or if a lot of people start experiencing it then maybe create a post on meta?


I’ll ask more Regulars to see if the category got unmuted for them. I just muted it again for myself, thanks for the input

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It is still muted for me:


Btw, that thing at the top means “Muted”.

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Alright so I asked a few more people. Here is another chat:

I will probably check on meta


I have forum feedback set to “Watching First Post” but then it got changed to Normal.

And Moderation Review Requests was unmuted once more.

I have been checking in the bugs category on Discourse meta but I don’t see anything about notification settings popping up. I have intentionally muted a category on there to see if it’s happening there too and not just here.

And again.


I also had the xbox and mobile categories muted myself

Forum Feedback also got changed from the highest setting (whatever it is called in english) to normal.


I also had building support and art design support muted but they were unmuted.


I intentionally muted a category at meta.discourse.org when I made the last reply but it isn’t unmuted so I think it is an issue here and not there.


Looks like every atleast 4 days this is happening. I decided to mute the dev category on discourse meta a while back to see if the issue was there but it hasn’t been unmuted.

Doesn’t seem to be happening at scale (otherwise other people would be complaining about it) and I can’t repro it myself, so this needs more repro details before it can be looked into by DevRel probably.

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Alright but it is annoying to have to re-mute moderation review requests and other categories I have muted.

Maybe I need more categories to mute so I will mute more on meta, since I have muted some extra categories on here that i am not interested in reading, then see where this is originating. Will reply in a few days to this again i guess