Did My Game get backdoored?

I was working on a game for me and my friends and the take the L music started playing?
I didnt use any free models, and i just deleted all of the plugins that wanted permissions. Did i get backdoored somehow? The game is also private and non listed.
Also here is a list of my plugins if you need it:

i closed studio out of reflex. i went back in and the music stopped… I’m still suspicious.

Thats way too many plugins to worry about, there is a high chance one of the plugins have the backdoor.

Delete the ones that arent from trusted sources.
Also search in the Explorer for “Scripts” and go through some of them that you think is suspicous - Delete the scripts that arent even needed in the first place.

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Go in game and check the explorer for any scripts on anything suspicious

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I Searched up script in my workspace, the only ones that were there were the only ones that i should have. Those scripts are the ones from a donation board by twinqle. unless those are malicious.

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Does your Donation board use a require(Numbers) ?

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If so you should check the module linked to it in the toolbox.


I couldnt find anything in any of the scripts, also i didnt get the donation board from the toolbox, i downloaded a game with it in it, if that changes anything.

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Wdym a world? You mean downloaded from a game or something?

oh yea, sorry. ive been playing minecraft alot :P,