Did my game get botted?

Hello fellow developer.

As I arrived home from school roughly an hour ago, I saw my game’s statistics, and everything was way too high. I went from maybe 30 players to 150, visits spiked by almost 6x the normal amount (per hour), and the average playtime is 5 hours (normal being 7-8 minutes). I am extremely confused, and somewhat concerned. I know what is going on right now is not normal. Is my game being botted?

Any help/tips/opinions is appreciated.
(If I placed this in the wrong category, please let me know!)

Thank you.


Very high spikes are really sus (I am sorry). If you did not sponsor the game or make an ad for it then I would definitely be suspicious. Not sure what I would do.

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What type of devices is your game compatible with?

The game is available to all devices. Console & PC visits stayed low, but mobile just spiked.

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Other posts have addressed this issue, I specifically have seen this one and it seems that it just takes time to load the correct data.

Hope this helps!

Everything seems to be back to normal, but it still shows those times with 100-300 minutes of average play time. It looks like roblox has fixed the issue (at least for me).

Maybe your game has been played by a youtuber

It was, but it was quite a while ago. My gameplay time appears to be back to normal.


That’s expected.

A bug was filed about the issue you’re occurring. It was happening to several people as well. Recently, it got fixed, so everything should be fine now.

Link to the bug report:

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This was a bug. It should be fixed now