Did u guys had this problem too?

So at the moment i know some things about scripting and all, but i never can put them together and just give up, this happens to me all the time, everytime i wanna script i lose my motivation because i cant use the code correctly, did u guys have this and what did u do to get out of it?

Yes I did had this happens to me everytime and how did I get out of it? Y O U D O N T I D O N T

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I have this problem all the time, and my motivation to continue is that I will feel proud after I created the code right.
If not that I just play different unique games on ROBLOX and admire them or take a small break.


this kinda happens to me except i always seem to do everything wrong, it s like i can t even code or script even tho i know so much

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You gotta take the time to understand what’s going on in your script, make it easy to read so It’s easy to edit. If you don’t understand something you can always ask people for help, ROBLOX developer discord servers are very helpful

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