Didnt get response for UGC application

applied today,1 hour ago.
didnt recieve any response in my mail or devhub inbox.
my application item:


Wait longer. 1 hour is barely anytime at all! I would at least wait around 1-2 weeks before asking about it.

I mean I don’t even think the Roblox staff team are at work yet :laughing:


That makes me feel better, thanks XD
but isnt there supposed to be an automated response?

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For customer support there is an automated response but don’t you apply via a form and I don’t think Roblox has it set up so you get an automated response for them.


What app you used to create concept art?

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Have you heard back from them yet? We applied at about the same time.

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Heyy! Did u hear back from them? I haven’t yet, but I started commissioning others to upload my items. Sorry I haven’t been on forums in a while!

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Nope, ended up reapplying. The link is now gone though, and their email responses to my questions were not helpful.

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I tried to file some Emails to them but all they said was that they’ll look into it soon.

They just sent me the link to this post when i did.

Sometimes It can also take a few months