Didtn Receive the badge

Hi so I wanted to get the “reader badge” and read 2 topics with 120+ replies (also reading the replies)and didn’t Receive it


You may have to give it a while, since badge earning isn’t always instant. Would give it a few minutes/hours.


-_- i mean i almost spend an hour reading it


Maybe just be patient? I don’t know.


Just for future reference if you didnt get the badge yet not gonna lie you were probably skimming through, and the algorithim knew there was no way you couldve read at such a speed. Not trying to get on your case but its likely.

Also if this is the case i advise against just reading topics to achieve a badge. Trust me I previously had such a mindset where I just grinded the forum for badge satisfaction. I mostly use the forum now to help others or weigh in on topics I feel i should i like the interactions now and not the badges.


Is there any chance the topic was in discussion? If so, you might not ever receive the badge.

Discussion is a locked category, meaning only people with Visitor+ can access it. You can’t earn any badges (except progress-based badges, i.e. Appreciated, Respected, Admired) in locked categories. If you look at someone’s profile, you’ll notice that they don’t have any badges originating from discussion. It’s been months since a reply of mine received 10+ likes and I still don’t have the badge I would normally get if it was a public category.

Please note that I’m not 100% sure that this is true, however there were people creating similar topics and some replies said that locked categories won’t earn you badges. I consider this to be true because my own replies in DD haven’t earned me any badges even though they met the criteria of the badge.


Be patient I made an argument in #collaboration:portfolios Eh I waited 2 days before receiving the badge

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Thank you so much i finally got the badge


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