Diference between ReplicatedStorage and ServerStorage

can someone tell me what is the diference between both and examples or something that could help me to understand better?

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Anything you would like the client to have access to will go inside of ReplicatedStorage and anything you want only the server to have access to only goes inside of ServerStorage.


Check the documentation on create.roblox.com.
ReplicatedStorage | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub
ServerStorage | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub

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duh mate, can you be more original

thank you but if for example, you save a model into serverstorage, why put it there instead replicated storage? because in roblox documentation say that you can spawn entire maps from serverstorage

Maybe you only want that model to be access from the server. I think server storage is more performant but, that means clients can’t access it if they need to.

Yes, spawning entire maps from ServerStorage is a better idea.


I was trying to help.
You didn’t exactly say what other documentation you’d looked at, or whether you’d searched the forums and I can’t read your mind. I just provided the information that’s already there.

Maybe next time you ask a question like this please let us help you by giving us some more information.

relax man, i just was thinking that is pretty obviously the situation, sorry, i will be mor clearly

I think that it’s quite clear they were asking for layman responses that don’t start with
“ReplicatedStorage is a general container service for objects…”

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