Difference between "" and ''

When getting a specific string, what’s the difference between " " and ’ '?

There is no difference, just use whichever you prefer.

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There’s a difference, there are some typos you can get while using ‘’ and “”

Though, I would not be the person to tell what is precisely the difference between both

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local a,b = "''", '""'
They’re less different and more reciprocal of each other.

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Difference is double quotes can’t contain double quotes without escaping, single quotes can’t use single quotes without escaping

print("What's up? \"The sky!\"")
print('What\'s up? "The sky!"')

I think this shows it quite well. I personally don’t use single quotes because I’ll have to escape apostrophes for contractions, which are extremely common (like this post uses 4 contractions already!). And in other statically typed language there is a distinction made between strings and single chars, the former using double quotes and the latter using single quotes.


I assumed you meant

print("Hello world!")


print('Hello world!')

In this case it wouldn’t make a difference unless you have another " or ’ in the string like @sjr04 stated

In lua both represent strings.

In other languages '' typically represents a single character whereas "" typically represents an array of characters (a string). This changes depending on the language, however both are literals.