Difference Between Frontend and Backend scripters

Hello scripters! I am currently looking for a scripter for my game when I came across portfolios claiming they are Frontend and Backend programmers. So what is the difference between these town types of scripters. Sorry if it is short.

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Front end = client (what client sees)
Back end = server (what client doesn’t see)


Frontend is more like the design. Websites would be what you visually see for example. On roblox I guess it’ll be guis and things such as that. Backend will be the things you don’t see. Say a database for example.

A representation of backend scripts are admins with no user interface, and a representation of front-end scripts are things like CFrame animation, UI animation, combat scripts, etc. This rule applies for most programming languages; for instance, Python is mainly a backend language whilst html is a front-end language.

What are some examples for backend developers? Since the client sees, the models, interface, etc.

Datastores and game logic (how remote events handle client requests) are some examples.